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Freedom is an Inside Process

Do you feel stuck in a life that's not quiet giving you all you feel you can achieve?

Are you not even sure what You want anymore?

Do you feel you have more you could do in the world, but are not sure how to attain it?

Self Care Love Fest

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Nurture Yourself

What is Self Care?

Are you a a exhausted parent or caregiver who gives and gives, but never has time for what you love?
Do you end up neglecting your own needs for the sake of others? 
Do you desire to descover what lights you up?

Do you maybe not fully express your desires, either to others, or maybe even to yourself because you don't think you are deserving? Very often we fall into neglecting our own needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, because we don't want to neglect the needs of others, be that family, work, holding space for others. Maybe we just get distracted by social media or world events. Or think we don't have the time, money, or space to practice self care.

Maybe this includes thinking doing things that really light you up are selfish and not time well spent?

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