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Freedom is an inside process.

What if you could feel completely free, joyful and at peace despite anything the world throws at you?

It may seem that to feel freedom of that sort is impossible. However, when you begin to do the work inside of you that helps you love yourself more, take time for appreciation and learn ways to see your past in a way that reveals the lessons for good, you can literally create freedom no matter what is happening externally from you.

Until you have freedom within, freedom outside will be challenging to find.

The Nurturing Freedom Membership is going to be a whole life process into freedom. As it fully launched this year we are exploring ways to move into unconditional Self Love, how to create habits that will fully nurture You and as this year moves on we're going to explore the inner child, ways to move past fear, whole life appreciation and much, much more.

Do you feel stuck in a life that's not quiet giving you all you feel you can achieve? Are you not even sure what You want anymore? Do you maybe feel you have more you could do in the world, but are not sure how to attain it?

What would it feel like to not be constantly living in a state of fear and anxiety at what is happening in your world or life?. How would it fee to not be resentful of everyone elses ife going right, when your's feels like one drama after another? What would it feel like to be empowered and certain thet you are free to live like on your terms and speak freely about what feels right to you?

What if I told you most of the external noise you are listening to is totally unnecessary? Your body, your mind, your heart and your soul know everything you need to know to live your life. That is to live your life in a peaceful, happy and content state, a life of real freedom.

It is things outside of you that have taught you to doubt this. From all the media feeding your mind, teaching you what to think about everything from raising children to what to wear, to what to eat and how to look.

You do not need any of that outer noise.

You are best served when you learn ways to decondtion and stop allowing those things to influence you. Could you begin to take time often, every day, many times a day even, to listen to yourself.

A Membership for Cultivating Real Freedom

Through the course of 2019 and 2020 I experienced first hand how much Emotional Health and Freedom go hand in hand.

As I explored the ways I came into more freedom myself, and using my Holistic practices, I realsied more people would benefit from these things in their lives.

I wanted to create something that heped others on the path to understand what real Freedom feels like, even in a world that feels constrained and challenging.

If there was one thing I learned in 2020 it is that feelings of Freedom can be achieved no matter what the external reality may look like.

Monthly resources to support your emotional health

In this space I will provide a monthly masterclass video and printout, Zoom sessions, recorded EFT sessions, meditaions, PDF downloads and much more.

Live sessions will be held for Q&A and energy clearing every month.  

Any meditaions will be repurposed, edited and available to download too.

I also plan on more processes to support your Freedom Journey as the group grows and expands.

You can come back to these videos whenever and wherever you feel the need.

Weekly support, live chat, EFT sessions and more

Each week there will be a Support thread posted for you to reach out with any questions from any material past or present. Once a month there will be Live Q&A group sessions.

I also record EFT sessions for my Bitchute channel, these will often come from things we have discussed in the membership lives. 

These videos will cover a wide range of topics, already we have covered house clutter, money worries and uncertainty.

My commitment to you

I am commited to creating content which is needed by group members on a monthly basis. 

I also want this content to be available to you offline, so there will be downloadable materials created from the live sessions each month.

This content will include:

  • 1 EFT session recording

  • 1 Live energy clearing session
  • PDF downloads with journal prompts

  • Meditation

  • Live monthly Q&A

  • Private members community

  • Exclusive Member Only discounts and offers.
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