Introduction to 22 Energy Centres

Your energy is always talking to you

What are energy centres? How many do you have? What effect do they have on you?

I am excited to bring you the 3 part video series on Exploring 22 Energy Centres more fully.

Your body is made up of Energy. Within it there are centres, like wheels or cogs, that aid and assist the flow of the Energy throughout your bodies systems.

During this exploration video you will learn about 22 of these centres, where they're located in your body and what part they play in your health and well-being.

Sign up for the 1st video of 3 parts which dives deep into an exploration of 22 of your Energy Centres. In 90 minutes you'll learn where they are located within, and with-out your physical body. It includes 2 short meditations and a few frequently asked questions I have had when I have held these sessions live.

If you enjoyed this part and would like access to all 3 you can sign up here 

If you have been to see one of my in person sessions you will have received a discount code to gain access for free. 

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Introduction to 22 ENergy Centres

What are Energy Centres?

How many do you have?

What effect do they have on you?

Learn all this and more in the video Introduction to 22 Energy Centres

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