Nurture Yourself

What is Self Care?

Are you a a exhausted parent or caregiver who gives and gives, but never has time for what you love?
Do you end up neglecting your own needs for the sake of others? 
Do you desire to descover what lights you up?

Do you maybe not fully express your desires, either to others, or maybe even to yourself because you don't think you are deserving? Very often we fall into neglecting our own needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, because we don't want to neglect the needs of others, be that family, work, holding space for others. Maybe we just get distracted by social media or world events. Or think we don't have the time, money, or space to practice self care.

Maybe this includes thinking doing things that really light you up are selfish and not time well spent?

30 Days of Nurturing!

Nurture Yourself is a 30 day program for anyone, and I really do believe EVERYONE will benefit from some extra self care and love. 
Sometimes we've just not fully explored what that can look like.
This is for you if you feel you could improve on your own self care on a day by day basis and are looking for ways to tap into more things that bring joy.

Who is it for?

It is for you if you feel you could improve on your own self care on a day by day basis.
If you've been looking for some step by step guidance into a process of Self Care.
It is my intention that by the end of your 30 days you'll be in some great self care habits and have learned basic ways to really nurture who you really are.

 What do you get?

30 days of emails with ideas to bring you into doing more self care. I call these Process Steps.
These may be in the form of journal prompts, activities, videos of EFT tapping sessions. and audios from me, plus much more. 
Some of these will have you digging deep and may feel uncomfortable. I believe we only come to a place of true unconditional self love by uncovering those deeper parts of ourselves.

Want to learn how to REALLY Nurture Yourself?

I've been running this program as a group program for almost a year and wanted to bring it to a wider audience, so the Self Motivated version has been born.

This Self Motivation program will help you Love and Nurture Yourself, with an email every day for 30 days. Plus you can revisit the program every time you wish to up your Self Care game. 

Your emails will start the Monday after you sign up to allow you time to gather the suggested tools which you will receive in your welcome email. Don't worry these aren't massive things, in fact you probably have it  all already, but a little space to set yourself up will probably help you get the most from the program.
This Self Motivated, Self Care program is yours for just £77, as soon as you hit the Sign Up button.

I have an extra special offer too for you if you sign up for the Self Motivated program. 

I run Nurture Yourself as a group program  twice a year. When you pay your £77 for the Self Motivated program you will receive a coupon code for that amount off the full price of the group program, currently £222. 

This means that you get to have all the material already to hand, and then all the extras of the group program, like Live EFT Tapping sessions, extra live video chats, and more each time I run it.

The next run of the group program is June 2023 and you can join the wait list here.

If you would like to discuss being supported throgh this process with 1:1 support 3 price options are available:

  • 2 hour weekly support call via Zoom for 5 weeks - £222
  • 2 hour weekly support call via Zoom for 5 weeks, plus 2x weekly emails for accountability - £555
  • 2 hour weekly support call via Zoom for 5 weeks, 2x weekly emails for accountability, plus messaging support via Signal or Voxer - £1,111

To discuss these options with me before or after sign up book a Learning to Love chat here.

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